Zev Siegl

Starbucks Co-Founder and Global Keynote Speaker

Copenhagen Presentation

Presidents Institute Summit has invited me to present to an audience of 1,000+ members on April 19th in Copenhagen.

For this event, my presentation, Right From The Start, will be about a CEO having a productive relationship with “Hans and Helga,”two in-trepreneurs who happen to be valuable young vice presidents within their company.

New venture people are human, which means they have weaknesses. For a new venture to succeed, those weaknesses have to be managed. I’ll focus on assembling a support team to offset those weaknesses, validating the idea/concept thoroughly and the necessity for a professional-grade financial forecast.

Right From The Start will also look at strategies for retaining the in-trepreneurs in an organization.

The visual theme for the thirty-minute presentation is the hurdles, a sophisticated track & field event in which athletes encounter a hurdle every few seconds … which is a perfect metaphor for the process of developing a new venture concept.



"Zev Siegl's presentation 'Right From The Start' connected really well with our audience of 150+ graduate and undergraduate students at LSE. His use of early Starbucks stories will help us anticipate the start-up hurdles we're going to encounter."

— Daniel Osrin, Event Coordinator, London School of Economics