Zev Siegl

Starbucks Co-Founder and Global Keynote Speaker

Mexico Entrepreneurship Event

zev siegl mexico entrepreneur event

The economic development arm of the government of Mexico, INADEM, has invited me to present at their huge, weeklong “Entrepreneurship Week” conference in Mexico City in early September. I’m really excited about this particular event, b

ecause the live audience is 1,500 young entre

preneurs and there is also a broadcast + video audience of more than 10,000. The title of my presentation is Topes para Entrenedores, i.e. speed bumps for entrepreneurs! I'll discuss four speed bumps that have stopped good business ideas from being realized. The examples will come from good strategies (and close calls) during the first few years of Starbucks Coffee.


"Zev Siegl's presentation 'Right From The Start' connected really well with our audience of 150+ graduate and undergraduate students at LSE. His use of early Starbucks stories will help us anticipate the start-up hurdles we're going to encounter."

— Daniel Osrin, Event Coordinator, London School of Economics