Zev Siegl

Starbucks Co-Founder and Global Keynote Speaker

Take a Kid To Work

As a child, my mother’s three brothers took me to work once a year. I loved the place. I soaked up a thousand things being there. Twenty years later, I co-founded Starbucks Coffee with two friends. There’s a direct connection between visiting my uncles at their workplace and my career in entrepreneurship.

Which leads me to this: Show children where you work, how you work, why you work! Take a kid to work. It’s one of the meaningful things adults can do.


"Zev Siegl's presentation 'Right From The Start' connected really well with our audience of 150+ graduate and undergraduate students at LSE. His use of early Starbucks stories will help us anticipate the start-up hurdles we're going to encounter."

— Daniel Osrin, Event Coordinator, London School of Economics